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Farewell, but Not Far!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

My name is Kayla Gilbert, and many of you know me well as the Denver CALC Program Manager. About six years ago, I was hired to start our Denver Community Active Living Coalition, which has since grown into the full team of dedicated staff, partners, and volunteers that you see today.

After 6 years of dedication leading our Denver Community Active Living Coalition, I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted a new position within Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure!! I'll still be a part of the team in DOTI's Office of Community & Business Engagement, and taking on a new title as Senior Program Manager of Health Equity & Community Partnerships. In this new role, I’m looking forward to strategically building all of our grant programs focused on health equity, active living, and sustainability, pursuing additional funding and capacity for these programs, and working to build strong partnerships across the City & County of Denver and regionally to move forward equitable transportation policies, programs, and projects.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of this journey over the past 6 years with Denver CALC. I have thoroughly enjoyed walking, biking, and riding alongside you all, learning about how you view and value transportation, and collaboratively building on small wins to sustain real, tangible solutions for making it easier, safer, and more fun for people to walk, bike, and take transit in Denver. I have learned so much from this team and look forward to applying that at a larger scale in Denver. I have countless fond memories of painting wayfinding, going on bike tours, learning and sharing at our annual Summit since 2018, honoring victims of traffic crashes, appreciating bus drivers and riders, launching the wildly successful CALC Micro-Grant, painting several intersection murals, and so much more.

And the best part? There’s still so much more to come! Though my title is officially changed, I promise I am not going far! I very much look forward to continuing growing and building with you. Feel free to reach out to me at to ask questions, collaborate on projects, or just catch up!

In the meantime, the Denver CALC team will be hiring several new positions this fall, including a new Program Manager - apply by 9/20/21! I can't wait to see new amazing leaders take this team to even greater heights. Perhaps it will be you? Stay tuned to our newsletter and social media for job postings!

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