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Denver Neighborhood Equity IndexThis index is a visual representation of some of the socioeconomic, built environment, health care, and health barriers that residents of Denver face in accessing opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives. 

Vision Zero Story Map: This tool shows the High Injury Network (HIN), the corridors in Denver with the highest number of fatal and injury crashes. Collectively, the HIN accounts for 5% of streets in Denver, but 50% of traffic deaths. Using other indicators for health and equity, this map also shows Communities of Concern (CoC), where more vulnerable populations live. These areas are places with higher speeds, in closer proximity to schools and high school density, elderly populations, disability populations, and those with no vehicle ownership. 

The Extreme Heat Vulnerability Index: This story map evaluates Denver's vulnerability to extreme heat in the context of the interconnected socioeconomic, health and environmental conditions that can increase heat vulnerability. This index is included on the website domain, as well as on the city’s internal GIS server and Open Data Source Catalog. This is a free crowd-sourcing data collection tool where anyone can answer a short survey about sidewalk and intersection quality to log pedestrian quality data. 

Active Living & Built Environment Glossary: This glossary shows definitions for commonly used terms in our work in active living, equity, public health, and transportation. 

Denver CALC Data Package: a package of the data collected by the Community Active Living Coalition, and other publicly available datasets related to active living work in the City of Denver. Contact us if you need help mapping for a specific project. 

Safe Routes To School: Denver CALC partners with Safe Routes to School to make safer routes for everyone around family-oriented destinations. Find more about Denver Safe Routes to School at Request support for your school here

Public Bike Repair Map: In partnership with Denver Public Works and Denver Public Library, we compiled this resource map of the seven Denver Public Library branches participating in our fix-a-flat pilot program, as well as public bike repair stations in Denver. Find the location closest to you if your bike needs a quick tune-up or repair!

Denver Data Challenge Report: This is documentation of 3 walkability projects, out of the Data Collection Challenge held in May of 2016. As interest in these projects has been greater than expected, we have developed full documentation of the projects in a case study format to help others replicate the process.

CALC's Public Google Drive

All of our Coalition materials are kept on a public Google Drive folder. Here you can find meeting minutes, flyers, and other shared resources. 


Some key items in our Public Folder:

WALKscope Pedestrian Quality Ratings

Between 2015 - 2018, Denver CALC partnered with WalkDenver to conduct WalkShop Assessments with community volunteers to gather data on conditions of sidewalks and intersections in Denver. You can view some of this data below. For more information on this data collection effort, view the "WalkShop Tools" section below.  

How to Use this Map:

  • Click on each dot to learn more information about assessment on that block or intersection.

  • The data is color coded by "Quality Rating" of each sidewalk and intersection evaluated, with the lighter green meaning higher quality ratings, and the darker rating meaning lower quality ratings. 

  • Click on the double arrow in the top left corner of the map to view the legend and turn layers on/off.

  • Use the "+ / -" buttons to zoom in or out. 

  • For more details on this data and other metrics within it, contact us at 

WalkShop Tools

Our Coalition has led WalkShop Assessments at over 120 schools and recreation centers in Denver, where a group of people use the tools below to collect data related to the built environment. Our WalkShop Assessment includes the following surveys for blocks in approximately 1/4 mile radius around each site: 

- School or Recreation Center Site Assessment: Overall Rating & Amenities

- Pedestrian Assessment: Sidewalk Quality & Intersection Quality surveys (see data mapped above)

- Biking Assessment: Overall Rating, Facility Type, & Amenities

- Bus Stop Assessment: Overall Rating & Amenities


All Paper Assessment Tools, Data Captain & Volunteer Guides, and other Assessment Materials are available on the Public Google Drive here.

Interested in joining a WalkShop? We periodically collect additional data for target projects. Check our Volunteer Opportunities for upcoming WalkShops. 

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