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Community Connectors lead workshop at 2023 Active Living Conference!

In March, the CALC Community Connectors traveled to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland for the 2023 Active Living Conference. Chasity, Christian, and Elizabeth worked hard to plan a 90 minute workshop that took place on the first day of the conference.

The topic was Engagement Techniques and Tactics: Activating Authentic Advocacy. They spent the first part of the workshop laying the groundwork for a mock-community meeting by presenting CALC as a case study on authentic advocacy. Throughout the workshop, they collected data using both Mentimeter and a simple sticker chart and utilized that data to help the group make decisions for their community.

By collecting data before the mock community meeting and during, the team was able to showcase how putting yourself into someone else's shoes changes the way you respond to questions - showing that while you can always empathize with someone you cannot embody their lived experience. This is why we engage community - so we do not make assumptions about what they need.

The workshop was well received, with multiple participants commenting to the CALC team throughout the conference that the workshop was a highlight of the week. Stats:

Participants: 24

Audience selected Community Meeting Topic: Street Design

See more photos below! And reach out to your Community Connectors to learn more.

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