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Self-Guided Walking and Biking Tours

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We’ve all needed a little extra support lately in one way or another, and many of us are craving new ways to stay active during the era of COVID-19 in order to connect with our bodies, health, and nature. Thankfully, these five Denver organizations have been working hard to benefit our community in this way and have provided some resources for you to try out! These local activities can be done either solo or with loved ones, with safety precautions, and are designed to help you improve your mental and physical health through movement. We hope you enjoy these resources and stay healthy and safe!

  1. Bike Streets' Solo Adventures allow social distancing while exploring Denver by bike. Check out new adventures on their Twitter, or there's even a Gameboard to cross off each ride as you go.

  2. Denver by Foot has a ton of urban hiking routes to explore the city's trails, neighborhoods, history, and art. Browse through their collection and lace up for your next urban trek!

  3. Check out the comprehensive guide to bicycling during social distancing from Bicycle Colorado, as well as in-depth information on how biking can support physical and mental health, the environment, and riding tips.

  4. Denver Arts and Venues has a list of self-guided walking tours to learn more about the city's public art and a guide for family activities during social distancing on their website!

  5. Denver's Public Art Program curated walking tours downtown to view the plethora of creativity in this great city! Check out all the beautiful art you can find in Denver.

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