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Sam's Farewell to CALC

Hello CALC and friends, my name is Sam Como and I have been a member of the CALC team as an intern since last August. I have accepted a position with the City of Wheat Ridge as a GIS technician, where I will be cataloging and inventorying assets with GPS and doing some web mapping to help set up a community-based GIS interface. Initially my internship with CALC was for a few months, but the strong connections and fun led me to staying with the coalition for longer.

Sam tabling for 2021 Bike to Work Day

I have lived in Denver for a year and half, and since working for CALC have taken a new understanding and responsibility to the communities and neighborhoods in Denver that is life lasting. Attending events across the city and meeting members of the community to share thoughts, experiences, and bridge gaps has made for such a rewarding work environment. Being able to help provide support to residents whether it be through microgrants, or through installing car seats safely, or bike giveaways, are just part of the reasons I loved working for CALC along with their focus for providing resources to equity areas and the overlooked communities in the past which resonates with me.

A fond memory I have while working for CALC was being a part of the career day parade at Valverde Elementary School. Our team rode/walked the parade and gave bike swag to the excited kids that were super enthusiastic - they even started chanting ‘bikes are cool’ in unison as we passed by!

Tabling at the Far East Center for Halloween

Working for CALC has been a journey of learning and bonding with communities as well as people in the city and partners. I deeply enjoyed my time here and look forward to participating in the coalition as a community member! Thank you all for the experiences and good times shared. Best wishes in the things that CALC will accomplish in the future.


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