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Recap: CALC October 2022 Coalition Meeting

This past public coalition meeting was a huge hit! We had about 30 community members attend both online and in-person at Johnson Recreation Center!

We had the chance to provide CALC updates on our Micro-Grants (2022 funding is still available!), our continued outreach for hiring Youth Advisors, and about the College View Intersection Mural (feel free to stop by College View Recreation Center to look at it or find it on social media).

After coalition updates, the two main topics of the night included a presentation on the Denver Connector Microtransit Program coming to Globeville Elyria Swansea and a boxing demonstration from David Mingo of Mingo Boxing Academy/Brick City Boxing Academy.

As a CALC micro-grant recipient, David expressed his gratitude for the program and gave a good insight about what the funds went to. The funds allowed them to upgrade and get new equipment to be able to train and keep the momentum going for the up and coming boxers in the program.

You can find more information below for David Mingo and the Denver Connector Microtransit Program. We can’t wait to see you in December for our final CALC celebration of 2022!

David Mingo’s information:

Twitter: @Davidmingo303

Denver Connector Microtransit Program:

Stay involved - you can visit for our upcoming meetings and links to agendas, or email for questions or a direct invite! We love to hear from you.

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