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Pets of CALC: Lilly

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Q: Hi Lilly, and welcome to our new “Pets of CALC” series! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from originally, and who’s your human? Lilly: Hi back and thank you for interviewing me! Well, as you know, I’m Lilly the dog and I live in Denver, Colorado, but I originally came from a shelter in Kansas. I journeyed here with an organization called “Outpaws”, and through them, I met my beloved human, Amanda Christine! I don’t know if she’s told you this already, but I’m her favorite! She lets me know every day.

Q: Oh that’s great, Lilly! Thank you for sharing! We’re all curious, what’s a day in your life like? Lilly: I keep a very balanced schedule of napping, eating as many snacks as possible, chasing squirrels, watching birds, sniffing invisible things in my backyard, going on great walking adventures with Amanda, and getting pet. I’m very good at staying focused and disciplined in my routine. Q: Wow, that’s wonderful. You’re an inspiration, Lilly! So, has quarantine been affecting your daily routine at all? Lilly: Like all of us, I’ve had to make adjustments. For instance, I hold my human’s hands a lot more so her fingers don’t get too tired from working on that glowing box she’s been so much lately. I also encourage her to rub my belly more often as well, so she can maintain her own sense of balance and peace. I’m kind of a mother hen that way. Q: Super cool! I can definitely see that about you. I have a few more questions for you today, if you have time! Lilly: Go for it!

Q: As we all know, physical activity is super important for our overall health. What are some ways you’re enjoying staying physically active these days? Lilly: Ooh, nice question. Well, I really make use of the space around me as best as I can in keeping a physically active lifestyle. I start my day off right by stretching as soon as I get up in the morning (downward dog is my classic, go-to yoga position). After eating a balanced breakfast, I stalk the squirrels in the backyard and do neck stretches while I stare up at them and they chitter at me. It feels great! Every so often, I make sure I run around the yard as fast as I possibly can to get my cardio in. It may seem random to the outsider, but I know what I’m doing! If I really want to get my heart rate up, after I do my zoomies (as I call them), I’ll dig furiously in the dirt until Amanda tells me to stop! I assume she’s telling me this because she wants to share the digging action, but she never seems to join in! I don’t know why, I’ll have to ask her about that… but anyway! In about the middle of the day, Amanda and I go for a big walking adventure. Sometimes I get scared of the big trucks that go by or people talking loudly in the area, so I jump up and put both my paws in Amanda’s hands and we walk that way for a little while to build my confidence. Then I feel better and we continue on our way! If we go our usual route, we pass by a lot of my dog friends so I dance and wiggle and whine in response to seeing them, so that always makes me feel happy. Around the late afternoon, I make sure to get another deep stretch in by putting my front paws on the windowsill so I can get a really good bark in at the person delivering mail! I round off the evening with a couple of great naps, some more stretching, and then a few more zoomie sessions before an early bedtime for me! It’s a great life :) Q: Wow, all of that’s so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! It seems like you have a really positive attitude. Any words of advice for keeping up a healthy mindset for this time? Lilly: Yes! First of all, watch all of the squirrels you can. They are fascinating! They’re always doing something weird. The other day, I saw a squirrel trying to take a whole bagel up a tree! A whole bagel! Can you imagine!?!? And watch birds too. Who knows what they do on a daily basis; they’re kind of a mystery to me! But anyway. Definitely run and frolic when you feel like it, and don’t be afraid to stop and sniff the roses, or that fire hydrant. Make long, unblinking eye contact with the people you love, and give lots of belly rubs. Q: Lilly, you are such a gem and so sweet for talking with us today. We wish you the best of luck in quarantine and in life in general! Thank you for being you! Lilly: You’re welcome, and likewise! Stay pawsome!!!!

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