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Pets of CALC: Kato

Q: Hello Kato! Welcome to the Pets of CALC Blog series and thank you for taking time for this interview with your busy schedule! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, and who is your human family?

Kato: Thank you for asking. I’m from Denver and I met Hector and Lisa, my family, at the Denver Dumb Friends League. They came to visit in November 2017; I got a really good vibe and walked right up to Hector’s chest and started licking his nose. I guess he didn’t mind it and after some leg brushing, purring and more nose licking, they brought me home! What can I say -- the food is great and served on time (most days) and this family really likes to play string, mousie, and hide-and-go-seek with me. So, as long as they don’t mess that up, I won’t pee on their pillows. They keep saying I’m really cute, and I really enjoy the flattery. After all, I’m a cat, and it is ALWAYS about ME.

Q: So what do you do each day? Do you have a routine?

Kato: Yes, I really like to stick to a routine each day. First, at 5:00am, I breathe in Hector’s ear and then start kneading his arm while purring. This is a great way to get your human up to feed you after an eternity of starvation since dinner the night before. Then I race around the house as fast as I can. It’s great training, in case an evil creature enters the home. It is my job to protect the realm because Hector and Lisa are clueless about these things. This week alone, I chased down a moth every day, while they just sat there and watched me while asking me not to break anything. Just where are their priorities when we are under attack!? They are darn lucky I’m around, that’s for sure! After all of that chasing and patrolling, I need a nap and go upstairs and sleep until about 3:00pm. This way, I’m alert for the night shift. At 3:00pm, I go down to see Lisa working at home and lick her nose while she talks to a computer screen where a bunch of people are moving and speaking. I am hoping they are planning my dinner, which must be served promptly at 6:00pm. After dinner it’s play time and I fetch the mousie or chase a string with a bug on it. This is great plyometric training as I jump and gain stability when I land. I can now jump onto a counter and hardly ever knock anything over! Practice makes perfect!

Q: Wow! You really get your exercise in! Great job! Are there any other activities you engage in to stay active?

Kato: Yes, sometimes my dog niece, Sunday comes over and we really get silly.

I also enjoy exploring unique places at home. There are surprises in every corner! It’s all part of protecting the realm!

Q: Well Kato, thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about your busy life. I hope you continue to get dinner served on time and that you are appreciated for your hard work!

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