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Meet Tiffany, CALC's new Safe Routes Advocate

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We are excited to introduce you to CALC's newest Safe Routes Advocate, Tiffany Tran! Tiffany will work on CALC programs in Southwest Denver focusing on Ruby Hill, Mar Lee, Harvey Park, and College View neighborhoods and nearby projects. We hope you get a chance to meet Tiffany at one of our upcoming CALC events!

Tiffany's Introduction:

Hi there! My name is Tiffany Tran and I am the new Southwest Safe Routes Advocate. I have been a Denver local for almost 15 years. I studied Environmental Design with a specialization in Urban Planning at the University of Colorado, Boulder. While there, I saw how active of a city it was in terms of public spaces and design and especially transportation which piqued my interest on how that can be implemented at a greater scale in a place like Denver. I went on to study Urban and Regional Planning and complete my Master’s degree this past May. I have always enjoyed community-based projects, so I am excited to step into this role to assist in coordinating CALC events and connecting with community members one on one! In my free time I enjoy taking an assortment of dance classes, crossfit, paddle boarding, ice skating, and walking my two dogs.

I look forward to being a part of the amazing work that CALC continues to do and build deeper relationships with community members!

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