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Meet CALC's new Community Connectors, Elizabeth and Chasity

We are excited to introduce you to the CALC program's new Community Connectors for Northwest and Southwest Denver!

Elizabeth Morales will be the Northwest Community Connector focusing on Sunnyside and Chaffee Park neighborhoods and aligned partnerships in Northwest Denver. And Chasity Gentry, previously one of CALC's Youth Advisors, will now become the Southwest Community Connector focusing on Ruby Hill, Mar Lee, Harvey Park, and College View neighborhoods and nearby projects and partnerships.

We hope you get a chance to meet them at one of our upcoming CALC meetings or community events!

Portrait photograph of Elizabeth standing in front of many large green leaves.

Elizabeth's Introduction:

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Morales, I am the new CALC Community Connector for NW Denver. I am originally from Florida, where I grew up in Tampa and moved on to study architecture at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I moved to Denver in 2015 for a change of scenery and lifestyle, and that’s exactly what I found. Throughout the last 7 years, I've grown to love this community and this place that I call home. I love backpacking, hiking (urban and mountain!), bike commuting and checking out new restaurants and breweries around town with my incredible friends. My professional background is in architecture, I feel honored to have had the chance to influence positive change in the built environment throughout the Denver area. I consistently found myself gravitating towards community based projects and found a niche in workplace design and brewery design! I am most proud to have done renovation work at the History Tivoli Building for MSU's Brewing Science program. Through my architectural work and some soul searching, I learned that I wanted to shift and focus my efforts more specifically on community advocacy, and that has led me to join the CALC team! I’m eager to support the amazing work that is already underway and to contribute with my unique background and my passion to help make Denver a more healthy and equitable community.

Photograph of Chasity standing on a painted street intersection mural.

Chasity's Introduction:

Hey friends! For those I haven’t met yet, I am Chasity Gentry and I am taking on a new role as Southwest Denver’s Community Connector. For the last two and a half years, I’ve been working with the CALC team as a Youth Advisor in SW Denver and have really enjoyed working with different communities across Denver. In my time with CALC I have primarily assisted with coordinating and representing CALC at community events, meetings, and the Future of Denver Youth Collaborative. Outside of CALC, I am a group fitness instructor, and a student at MSU Denver where I study Integrative Health and Exercise Science. I LOVE all things health and active living! In my personal time I enjoy being outdoors- camping, hiking, biking, walking my dogs (Abe and Lucy), going to sporting events, and trying new foods. In February this year, we welcomed a new member to our family- my daughter Teddi, and the transition into parenthood has been so wonderful! I am looking forward to this new role and continuing to serve my community!

Photograph with Chasity's baby, Teddi, laying down next to two medium sized black dogs which are Abe and Lucy.
Teddi with Abe (above) and Lucy (lower).

BONUS Introduction:

The CALC team is also happy to welcome the bonus team member of Teddi. We are all smiles to welcome the littlest and cutest team member to ever join the team!

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