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Introducing Denver CALC's New Program Manager, Shaylee

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Hello friends!

I’m Shaylee Zaugg, and I am thrilled to now be the Program Manager for the Denver Community Active Living Coalition.

If you asked them, my friends and family would confirm that I have been CALC’s #1 fan as a coalition participant and wished to someday be part of the team, so now it’s a blessing to have this wish come true!

I joined CALC meetings as far back as 2018, but it was really at the end of 2020 that I reconnected with the group after moving back to Denver from NYC. I've been a regular at coalition meetings and CALC book clubs throughout 2021.

Before joining the CALC team

I was most recently a Project Manager at Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a planning and design nonprofit that helps people strengthen their communities through public space. For three years at PPS, I managed various types of placemaking public space projects, with most of my time spent on creating toolkits, resources, and training curriculums for our initiatives focused on mobility, health, and streets reimagined as people-friendly public space.

My journey becoming an active transportation advocate

I grew up in Texas, but very happily moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver (DU) where I double majored in anthropology and biology. While at DU, I had a work-study position teaching high school students about civic engagement skills, and so it was the combination of this role and particular anthropology classes that first sparked my interest in urban studies and community building. This interest eventually led me to pursue an MSc in Urban Studies from University College London (UCL). Living carless in London while studying about the urban environment really does wonders in turning you into an active and public transportation advocate. Access and its impact on community wellbeing is a theme I’ve learned about, witnessed, taught, and value sharing with others, and so I am excited to be continuing this journey with the CALC team.

Outside of work

In addition to my streets and community-oriented activities, I like reading, learning, exploring, signing up for running events, crafting or baking when I can, and taking care of my leafy plant pets that I’ve named after famous dogs.

Left Photo: Me after a Colorado trail race, featuring my dog sibling, Ben. Right Photo: Hiking with my other dog sibling, Roo.

I look forward to meeting those I haven't met yet at upcoming coalition meetings or events, and I especially look forward to deepening my community relationships in Denver through CALC.

Feel free to connect with me at

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