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CALC has declared 2019 the “Year of Pop-Ups!”

It has been our pleasure at Denver Community Active Living Coalition to work with so many amazing partners on great projects this year. We have had such a successful 2019 thanks to YOU! Our team did some brainstorming together of some of our favorite projects this year to pull together some highlights for you:

Let it be declared - 2019 was the “Year of Pop-Ups”! We supported pop-ups, parklets, and community events all year long in a variety of scales and all over Denver with our partners at WalkDenver and various community residents and organizations. This included traffic calming projects on North Federal Boulevard with Regis University, at Silverman Park in Montbello, and on East Colfax for the “Tasty Colfax” event.

Paint the town red, orange, green, blue…! We helped install several more intersection murals this year, including two new ones at Park Hill Elementary and Stedman Elementary. We are also proud of the community partners in Sunnyside who refreshed their mural at Trevista Elementary School!

Bike Repair for All! With support of Colorado Dept of Public Health & Environment, Denver Public Libraries, and bike education partners across the city, we did a full roll-out of the Fix-A-Flat program and now anyone can check out a bike repair toolkit at any of Denver's 26 library branches for short-term rental. What’s more, we’ve trained over 60 library staff and residents on how to fix a flat tire and make basic bike repairs on their own.

We’ve grown the CALC team with new Community Connectors, Safe Routes Advocates, and Youth Advisors who have led some truly great work in their communities already.

We’ve supported walking and biking education and safety programs at schools across Denver, including a Safety Day at Force Elementary and various Walk & Bike to School Day events.

We had the pleasure of supporting WalkDenver’s Vietnamese Night Markets on South Federal to see the true power of streets for people. Check out this video of the Mid-Autumn Festival's incredible transformation from a parking lot to a celebration of culture, food, and art:

With local and regional partners, we organized interactive installations and educational workshops to grow awareness around the connections between health equity, street safety, and community-first planning.

Our Streets for People Summit brought together residents, community partners, and city decision makers to celebrate successes and collaborations and imagine a future for Denver streets that is inclusive of all modes and ways of life. We learned so much from all of you and can't wait to plan the next one in 2020!

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