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Recap: August 2023 Coalition Meeting

The Denver Community Active Living Coalition had our coalition wide meeting at the Montbello Recreation Center on 8/9/2023. Montbello is a neighborhood in Denver, CO. We had 15 participants. We made brief introductions and shared upcoming events.

The CALC Micro-Grant Program is in its fifth round. Here are the current statistics:

-94 Project Funded

-138 Application

-49% New Applicants

-42% Never Applied

-42 Applicants from NE Denver

RTD Presentation

Find more out about Free Transit for Youth presented by RTD. The program starts September 1st 2023

Artist Feature

Tanniqua-Kay Buchannan, a local dance artist and advocate, presented poems and had small groups craft dances based on words and/or lines in the poem. Each group choreographed a dance and demonstrated it to the group. Pictures below.

Vision Zero Trivia

Priscilla Bloom & Tiffany Tran presented a trivia game where participants won gift cards. The trivia was based on Colorado history and Vision Zero topics. It was an opportunity to learn more about the program and win prizes.

Tanniqua-Kay Buchanan
Tanniqua-Kay Buchanan

group of people gathered in a room
Coalition meeting

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