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Fix-A-Flat Pilot Program Launch!

When you ride your bike, there's nothing worse than being away from home and getting a flat tire or needing to make an adjustment to your bike and not having the tools to get you back on the road. Or, you notice a malfunction before you even leave the house and you don't have the tools you need.

Whether you're en route or just without tools, the Denver Public Library, in collaboration with the Denver Community Active Living Coalition, is providing bicycle repair kits at seven branch locations beginning May 22 for short-term check-out:

  • Athmar Park

  • Byers

  • Ford-Warren

  • Ross-Barnum

  • Ross-Broadway

  • Sam Gary

  • Schlessman Family

Each kit contains basic tools to repair tires or make adjustments to your ride:

  • 1 dual-valve pump with pressure gauge for inflating tires

  • 1 set of allen wrenches for minor adjustments

  • 1 adjustable wrench for minor adjustments

  • 1 set of tire levers to remove/replace a tire

  • Tube patches, sandpaper and glue for patching a hole in a tube

  • Illustrated instructions (English and Spanish) for fixing a flat tire

Kits can be checked out for up to two hours on-site (at the library) and are available with your Denver Public Library card. Don't have a card? Don't worry! Staff can get you signed up instantly.

The kits are provided by CALC through a partnership with Denver Public Library. The use of the kits will be tested through summer 2018. Special thanks to Trips for Kids, Bike Denver, and Bikes Together for providing fix-a-flat trainings to library staff. And of course, thank you to Denver Public Library and librarians for partnering with us on this pilot program!

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