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La Alma De La Tierra - The Soul of the Earth

From the heart of the land spring the waters of life that nurture and feed all living things. From the clear mountain springs, we cultivate and celebrate good health, active living and caring communities.

Helping Denver residents live better, longer and healthier lives is what drives the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE). Now, Lincoln Park neighborhood residents are sharing what healthy living means to their community with a new mural project at La Alma Recreation Center developed with the support of DDPHE, Denver Public Health, Mirror Image Arts, MyDenver and Denver Parks and Recreation. The mural, La Alma De La Tierra, represents a community coming together to be creative and embrace the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Multiple organizations collaborated to cultivate this project and host three “La Alma Paint Party” events, led by local artists Tommy Nahulu and Zierra Lyons, and youth advisor Sedona Allen. At the paint party events, more than 100 Lincoln Park residents of all ages and walks of life each painted a 9-inch by 11-inch canvas featuring their unique interpretations of health and community. Some participants created images of farming, fruits and vegetables, nature, and animals, while others contributed images of dancing, music, sports and advocacy. The canvases have been arranged and compiled with connective elements into one cohesive mural, symbolizing community connection and unity while also highlighting each participant’s diverse perspective.

Our team enjoyed leading this project with diverse partners and stakeholders to create this opportunity for residents to build community while embracing health and wellness through the arts. The mural stands proudly at La Alma Recreation Center in the event room, accompanied with information about the project and an artist key that recognizes each individual contributor - stop by and visit it in person!

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