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Take the Stairs - to new murals at Denver Public Health

Local artist, Jovanny Moreno-Castelan and Youth Advisor, Sedona Allen have been making a huge impact at Denver Public Health! Starting in December of last year, they have worked with Denver Public Health employees to implement multiple murals throughout the hospital. Jovanny and Sedona's most recent project was 7 stairway murals in the Delaware Main Patient Parking garage - located at the corner of Delaware and 6th Avenue. The purpose of these murals is to ignite positivity upon entering the hospital. It is also meant to encourage more people to take the stairs to see the artwork.

Sedona and Jovanny created imagery for the 7 chakras and their relationship to all aspects of our health and wellness. Community members, young people, patients, and Denver Public Health employees came out on installation to help paint the murals. Be sure to check them out and get active by participating in the Colorful Stair Challenge! Also stay tuned for more projects coming up and get involved, spreading color and positivity from one wall to the next!

Learn more about the PHD Youth Team on Facebook.

About the Chakras:

Below are the characteristics of each of the chakras. The colors of the mural coordinate with the colors of the chakras. These relate to every aspect in health, including what we eat, how active we are, and how we relate to others. There is a lot of valuable information to be found in the chakras, and many ways to maximize our existence by tapping into these places in our organs, glands and body.

Root Chakra → Being connected to the earth, safety, grounding. Sacral Chakra → Creativity, life, emotions, sexuality Solar Plexus Chakra → Self-image, confidence, power center, relatability Heart Chakra → Compassion, relationships, love Throat Chakra → Personal truth, communication Third Eye Chakra → Intuition, insight, knowledge Crown Chakra → Connection to the divine, spirituality, wisdom

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