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This is my Open Love Letter to the Streets

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A Poem by Christian Steward

Arteries in motion

Beings collided

Into the kaleidoscope

Of unspoken,

This is my open love letter

to the streets…

I remember

Football games

Corner to corner

Kids brushing cars

To catch balls under the sun

Laughter and scars

Oh the joys of being young.

My love letter to the streets

Begun on days just like this.

Once I caught a pass and drifted

Into my neighbor’s lawn.

I met a young lady there

Her name was Dawn,

Which made total sense.

Although just a kid,

She was as adventurous

As the empress of fitness…

She was great at most sports,

I am sure she never got winded.

Do YOU know what winded is???

Let me explain,

Every game we played

She never fatigued

Her physique was splendid

she would challenge adults

And when they would cease

Due to the fact

It was hard to breathe

She would take the lead

And eventually win it.

Always a winner

But more importantly

Her spirit was authentic

Pouring kindness

In the form of adrenaline

Her pursuit for movement

Is where my energy begins

This is my open love letter to the streets.

I recall slow strolls

With my adolescent honey

Two hands hold

As blocks fold and bend

And souls invite in

The delight of walking and talking.

Pause at oncoming traffic

Culminating the magic of safety

And imagination.

Conversation prioritized

As we stand there waiting

For trucks to slow down

At the yellow light.

We scan intersection

And decide to jog across the street.

We were taught to be cautious

And present

For traffic

Can become a weapon

Effecting the masses.

This is my open love letter to streets.

Fast forward...

Over the bluff of love

Into the dive of dust

Tears were cried

Here I live, alive but struck...

It's a haunting

Daunting feeling

Of empty.

For no more Dawns

To explore

Or tours through her arms

To endure the harm

Of resentment and scars...

Oh mobility, look how you mucky

This story of ours.

I am always hopeful,

But now I wrap my arms

Through memories

And different configuration

Of stars...

Adjusting my head

From right to left

Shifting the scenes

Of her dreaded last breath.

On a routine biking trip

A truck was stuck inside

A bike lane and turning lane

Dawn veered left

A distracted motorist

Struck Dawn down to her death.

Mangled metal weaved

Through the cavities of chest

Pinned between vehicles

Is where her peace shall rest.

Buried below with the rubble

Lies feelings of love

But it is not there

Where it will die.

In accepting the divide

Of those who bike,

Walk, stroll, and/or drive

We shall design,

Plan, build and deliver

A vision to keep ALL alive...

Since the vision is Zero

We all have a responsibility

To embody a living hero.

This is my open love

To the streets…

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