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Crafting Better Leaders Through Better Conversations: RIHEL Introduction to Coaching Workshop

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Blog post by Amanda Christine, Safe Routes Advocate

It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

Have you ever heard this phrase before? While I certainly believe that the content of what one is saying to be incredibly important, there’s definitely something to how it’s said as well.

What words we use and how we emphasize them often have a great impact on how well they are received and understood. Speech is a powerful thing, and so is listening. Real, in-depth, active listening can make someone feel safe, heard, and seen all at the same time.

So how do we learn these skills in order to better connect with those around us?

One amazing option is the RIHEL Introduction to Coaching training. This two-day workshop is open to the public and teaches foundational coaching skills. It furthermore lays the groundwork for having interactions that are steeped in awareness, open-mindedness, confidence, and that produce beneficial results.

I myself attended this training this past December and found it valuable in numerous ways.

Several of the key takeaways I gleaned from this program included best practices for listening, how to ask powerful questions that create generative inquiry, and the various benefits that coaching gives leaders and teams in general. And there was plenty of opportunity to practice these skills through the use of breakout rooms and small-group discussions, as well as in pairs.

Personally, I am always looking for ways to augment my communication with others. This way, understanding comes easier and we can work together more seamlessly to accomplish our goals. If this is something you’re interested in too, then I would highly recommend this training.

The next available workshop dates are Thursday, May 13th and Friday, May 14th, 2021. Registration is now open and you can access that link here.

Additionally, this was all thanks to the CALC scholarship program, which covers the cost of various conferences and trainings, and only asks that in return you share your experience in the form of a short blog to educate coalition members. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this program, please check out this link to learn more and fill out the easy application today!

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